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Wine regions

Wine has a long history, which is why we find it today in different parts of the world, each location having specific traditions.




Wine comes from Asia, where it appeared with agriculture and the first forms of food preservation.
The ancient Greeks made viticulture and wine consumption an attribute of their civilization. They have expanded the cultivation of grapes and wine trade throughout the Mediterranean basin through their colonies in the third century BC.
The art of growing vineyard and winemaking are so widespread in Italy and Europe, first through the Roman civilization and medieval society.
The European colonizers then brought with them the vine to the four corners of the world where the climate is suitable for wine production.

Through this long journey of eight thousand years, the winemakers have adapted the vine for different climates, each time seeking to develop varieties best suited to their regions.

Thus emerged:

The various noble varieties that we know today;
The multiple traditions and wineries in the world.


Each wine appelation recognized today corresponds one of these multiple traditions.

The various national laws governing wine production in the various producing countries aim to protect, preserve, but also promote these traditions for many wineries.
Tasting wine is like travelling through these regions and to learn each of these traditions.

Getting to know a wine region is:

Discover its history and tradition wine;
Know the vine;
Identify the expression of terroir and the effect of climate of the region on the vine.
Finally, knowing wines and producers in this region.


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