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Wine tasting

The basic principle of wine tasting is very simple:

It is simply to be able to taste a wine,
To recognize the sensations:
Visual (eye);
Olfactives (nose);
And taste (mouth);
And finally, to express these feelings with an appropriate vocabulary.

To get there, just to practice and exercise your senses to recognize the many sensations that provides the wine. Our sense organs can differentiate between a wide variety of sensations.

Just watch and listen to the world that surrounds you to realize the amount of colors, tones, shapes, textures and intensities of light, or the multitude of sound and noise that we perceive to be convinced.

The organs of taste and smell have similar capabilities. But we use it less. 

During our education, we are not socialized to use them as much as sight and hearing, among other things because they do not play a role in communication that is the basis for the very existence of culture and of life in society. 

Learning to taste wine, is learning to develop its taste and smell to recognize subtleties senses. Learning to taste wine is then to learn how to translate the sensations we derive from it and to communicate with a precise vocabulary. 

To achieve this, it is mastering a language which, although some say, has nothing facetious, but is a convention of various terms to express accurately all the lines that we feel provides the wine. 

As in all things, to achieve this is to follow a few simple rules of wine tasting and to practice a little. Nobody becomes Tiger Wood overnight, but everyone can easily develop the skills necessary to enjoy playing golf. The same applies to wine. 


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